Western Anatolian Roadshow 2016

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“Good Sunday” event is part of Western Anatolia Group’s civil society initiative. Our experienced crew managed to get it start off in April 2016. Western Anatolia Roadshow lasts for about 4 months and is surely one of the most comprehensive events in Turkey.

This initiative was backed directly by the Ministry of Health’s Health Directorate of İzmir. The plan was to go through 5 different cities in the Aegean Region and interact with the locals. We stopped at 20 different markets along the way and discussed diet programs and body analysis. Nutritionists educated the locals on their diets and advised them on related topics.

We interacted with 29600 people in total during our journey. 6700 people met with nutritionists to have their bodies analyzed, while 7250 people were rewarded after attending our games. 680 people who met with nutritionists promised to follow new and healthier programs.